Berg Jones Elementary School operates on the premise that all children have the potential to learn.  It is recognized that learning varies among individual children in interest, abilities, and the rate in which they grow and learn.  Berg Jones' educational program offers experiences so that each student can make the most of himself/herself as an individual as well as a worthwhile citizen in society.  Special effort is made to teach and maintain a desirable balance among activities designed to develop the cognitive, effective, and psycho-motor domains.

Since Berg Jones is supported by the community, we hope that sharing these beliefs with parents and the community, we can further the mutual understanding that is vital to a shared community interest in education.

We believe:

  • Home and the community need to be in partnership with the school for quality education to take place.
  • A quality education will help develop individuals who will be physically and mentally healthy, creative, and life-long learners.
  • Students should be given opportunities to learn cooperatively.
  • A variety of methods, materials, and activities that interest and challenge the student should be used.
  • Children should be evaluated continually in many different ways.
  • Children are unique and will develop and learn at different rates and in different ways.
  • The school can help children learn to work well with others.
  • Children learn best through active participation in their own learning.
  • The school, home, and community need to encourage children to become responsible, caring citizens.
  • Children are creative and will express ideas in a variety of ways.
  • Teachers should plan and supervise curriculum with students having opportunities to be decision makers in their learning.
  • Technology will be regularly incorporated into the curriculum.

Our Desired Learner Outcomes

  • Students will maintain high achievement as evidenced by iLEAP and LEAP21 scores.
  • Students will demonstrate responsible citizenship and decision-making skills.
  • Students will show respect for authority.
  • Students will respect themselves.
  • Students will respect others and the property of others.

Berg Jones Elementary Goals

  •  Berg Jones Elementary will enhance students’ critical thinking, problem solving skills and creativity.
  •  Berg Jones Elementary will provide a positive school culture that always acknowledges the academic, emotional, and social needs of students.
  •  Berg Jones Elementary will engage and support every student in high levels of learning.
  •  Berg Jones Elementary will provide a safe, healthy and supportive environment.