Jeanette Wynn Pre-K

Welcome to Ms. Wynn's pre-k class.  Thank you so much for allowing me to share a part of your child's life and giving me the opportunity to teach your child this 2017-18 school year.   I have 24 years of teaching experience in early childhood education. We will be making many accomplishments this year and  eagerly striving for you  to see improvements in your child daily.  We will be working on a different letter each week and  will be doing many developmentally appropriate activities that correspond with the  core curriculum and Eureka Math that is implemented by MCS.  We will experience many exciting field trips through out the year and working on fun projects. 

It is so very important for us as teacher and parent(s) to keep an open line of communication open.  If you are ever concerned about a matter, please feel free to discuss it with me and I will do the same as well.

We will be having homework!  Yes, homework in pre-k. Sometimes it will  be as simple as reading to your child and signing a note saying what you read to him/her.  We make a very big deal over returning notes and homework so please check your child's backpack daily and RETURN THOSE NOTES & HOMEWORK :)!

Please check  our calendar for events.  If you would like to email me, please click on my name  or email me at and I will gladly reply.
PLEASE HELP YOUR CHILD NIGHTLY WITH THEIR LETTERS AND THE LETTER SOUNDS! It is so very important that they know their letters and sounds to get solid foundation to their pre-reading skills.

Thank you for your help and support in the education of your child!
Ms. Jeanette Wynn