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Welcome to Miss Shirley Neal’s

IBCA & BCA Class

"Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world."

~Nelson Mandela~

      Welcome to another great school year! My name is Ms. Shirley Neal and I am the IBCA Teacher.  I am excited about this new school year and I hope you and your child is, as well. The education of your child is both a privilege and a great responsibility. By working together, we can make sure that your child receives a great learning experience and have a wonderful school year, filled with learning experiences.

IBCA/BCA Syllabus
Introduction to Business Computer Applications
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Email: shirley.neal@mcscchools.net

Introduction to Business Computer Applications is a one semester or full year course designed to assist students in mastering the touch method of key stroking (typing). Emphasis is placed on the development of speed and accuracy. Composition as the keyboard is introduced, as well as the formatting of business documents such as letters, memos, and manuscripts. One-half credit is earned for the each semester of Introduction to Business Computer Applications. Should the student decide to stay in this course during the second semester, they would receive one (1) full elective credit.


During your time in IBCA, we will be focused on learning essential computer concepts that will enable you to pass the exam to earn the Microsoft Office Word Specialist Certification.This credential is acomplementarycredential.


The Microsoft Office Specialist certification gives you the tools to build a brighter future. Benefits include:

  • Achieve industry-recognized certification
  • Learn the computing skills companies are looking for
  • Boost your workforce resume
  • Differentiate yourself from other applicants
  • Gain valuable experience and confidence
  • Heighten your earning potential
  • Prepare yourself for a successful future



This credential certifies that the student has mastered the essential functionality of Microsoft Office Word. Certified individuals will establish their ability to perform a number of Word tasks, such as creating and managing documents, formatting text, paragraphs and sections, creating tables and lists, applying references and inserting and formatting objects.The Microsoft Office Word exam is a comprehensive project that depicts real-world functionality.


Associated Careers include:

  • Computer User Support Specialists, First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers, Information Security Analysts
  • Execute Secretaries and Executive Administrative Assistants, Airfield Operations Specialists, Bill and Account Collectors, Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks, Computer Network Support Specialists, Legal Secretaries, Medical Records and Health Information Technicians, Public Relations Specialist

Textbook: Computers and Information Processing, Concepts and Applications, 2nd Edition. Textbooks are not taken out of the classroom. However, if you need to check out a textbook at any time, please see me.


  • Flash Drive
  • ½ or 1 inch - 3-Ring Binder
  • Loose Leaf Paper
  • Pen (any color except red) or Pencil


Two to three grades will be taken weekly.  Students will be tested on vocabulary, notes, handouts, and keyboarding text.  After the first three weeks, the students will be assessed on keyboarding skills.  Each student is expected to maintain a binder which will be graded at the end of each nine weeks.

We will observe the grading scale listed within the handbook.  Although all work is accepted, full credit is awarded only for work presented to the teacher on time.  Students will be given two (2) days to make up work missed for excused absences.

All class assignments and exams will be saved to a Flash Drive provided by the teacher. 


      I am looking forward to forming a great Parent-Teacher relationship with you to better teach your child, as well as an exciting year and a rewarding partnership with you and your child.

  Educationally Yours!

email: shirley.neal@mcschools.net

(318) 387-8441, Ext# 1066