Ms. Stansbury


Ms. Stansbury

Ms. Hicks, Ms. Cyrus, and I am super excited to have your child in our class this year. We take learning serious and expect nothing but the best. We can not wait to see how far we go this year. Thank you for allowing us to teach your child. If you need to contact us please do so. You may do so by calling us at 325-8982 ext. 4421.

Our Schedule:

7:45-8:15                   Arrival/Breakfast

 8:15-8:45                  Circle Time Activities/Handwriting

8:45-9:15                   Phonics (May do Centers also)

9:15-9:45                   Math (May do Centers also)

9:45-10:15                 Reading (May do Centers also)

10:15-10:30               Snack/Self-Help Skills/Restroom

10:30-11:10               IEP Goals & Objectives

11:10-11:35               Lunch

11:35- 11:45              Self-Help Skills/Restroom

11:45-12:00               IEP Goals & Objectives

12:00- 12:30              Computer (educational only)

12:30- 1:00                Smartboard activities

1:00- 1:45                  Science/Social Studies

1:45-2:15                   Story Time/Questions about story

2:15-2:45                   Art/Crafts

2:45-3:00                   Dismissal

3:00-3:30                   Duty

Monday:                  Tuesday                  Wednesday                      Thursady

APE: 9:30-10:00    LAM:  9:00-9:30    Speech: 10:00-10:30     Speech: 1:00-1:30